About us

It’s our passion to support and to source skilled artisans in Asia, Africa, and Europe, who produce ethical, handcrafted, easy-to-wear and textured designer pieces while enabling artisans to continue their uniquely creative skills.

Our company stands for timeless design with a contemporary approach and a touch of unique elegance. We are passionate about supporting and paying the artisans well in order to keep the younger generation interested to carry on with their traditional skills. Without this backup the tradition will disappear and the weaving as such will be taken over to a larger extent by a world of mass production and power loom manufacturers.

Loulisa Cape Town is proud to be one of the leading shops in South Africa of hand-woven cashmere, silks, and wool scarves with unique handmade leather handbags and jewellery. Not only do we stand for a positive experience when you shop with us but we pride ourselves in our returning customer base as we deliver timeless quality and value for money. 

In 2018 we started to include exceptional designers from South Africa into our portfolio, who pride themselves in their quality of their craftsmanship. 
Sustainability and slow-fashion are widely used terms in todays fashion industry and mostly exploited because of its trendiness.
Loulisa Cape Town lives by this statement.
About the owner
My name is Gabriele and my love for Indian fabrics and handlooms, as well the tradition of Indian hand carving began when I was living in Calcutta, India from 2001 to 2005. Since 2010, I share my time between India, South Africa and Europe, which allows me to source the exclusive products for Loulisa Cape Town.
I was lucky enough to meet people who introduced me to well known weaving studios all over India and designers around the globe who transform traditional style into contemporary fashion.